Welcome to 2018 in Frome Class
Our topic for term 3 is
'Once Upon a Time'.
During term 3 we will be expanding our vocabulary as we use describing words to talk about story characters such as 'The Big Bad Wolf' and the magician from Aladdin. We will also be looking at a range of materials and exploring their properties. We are continuing to talk about the change in the seasons and identifying appropriate clothing to wear in different weather.
Look out for more of art work where we will be creating wintry scenes and drawing a range of story characters.
We have been exploring different materials and using words such as hard, soft, shiny and bendy to describe them.
We have been listening to the story of The Three Little Pigs. The photos below show us sequencing pictures from the story.
We are becoming more confident at number recognition and making great progress with our writing.
Welcome to Frome Class: Terms 1 and 2.
Our topic is Families, Fur and Feathers.
At the moment we are very busy, getting used to our new class and making new friends. We are having lots of fun playing outside in the sand pit and mud kitchen and exploring the paint, play dough and interactive whiteboard games inside the classroom.
We have been drawing pictures of ourselves and our pets and are looking forward to a visit from Zoolab later on in the term.
Please take a look at the photos below. We had a great time touching and looking at the different animals.